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Welcome to the website of the Garrett Soil Conservation District! We hope the information and documents provided within will be of assistance as we work to protect and improve soil, water, and other natural resources in Garrett County, Maryland.

Regular meetings of the Garrett Soil Conservation District Board of Supervisors will be held via teleconference during the Covid-19 pandemic on the dates listed below during 2021.  Please click on the agenda for the call in number and pin.  Anyone having an item to discuss with the supervisors is invited to attend any of the meetings.

Meetings will begin at 7:00 PM.   All dates and times are subject to change if weather conditions, workload, or other factors make it necessary.

There was no Board of Supervisors meeting held in February and March 2021.  

                Tuesday January 18, 2022          Tuesday July 20, 2021

                      Minutes / Agenda                     Minutes / Agenda


                Tuesday February 16, 2021       Tuesday August 17, 2021

                      Minutes /Agenda                      Minutes / Agenda


                Tuesday March 16, 2021       Tuesday September 21, 2021 

                      Minutes / Agenda                     Minutes / Agenda


                Tuesday April 20, 2021           Tuesday October 19, 2021

                      Minutes /Agenda                    Minutes / Agenda


                  Tuesday May 18, 2021         Tuesday November 16, 2021

                      Minutes / Agenda                     Minutes / Agenda


                  Tuesday June 15, 2021          Tuesday December 21, 2021

                      Minutes / Agenda                      Minutes / Agenda



 Any Minutes from previous years Garrett SCD Supervisor Meetings

can be requested at the District office.   

Public Information Act (PIA)

For Inquiries/Requests, please submit to:  

Roger Kitzmiller, District Manager

1916 Maryland Highway Ste C

Mt Lake Park MD  21550

301-501-5886 //

"A prosperous and enduring agriculture depends on an adequate supply of productive land, properly used and so protected from erosion that it will remain permanently productive."

                                                                                              Hugh Hammond Bennett


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