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Garrett Soil Conservation District

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About The District



Mission Statement


To implement conservation programs and initiatives within Garrett County to protect and improve our soil, water, and related natural resources through local involvement and decision making.



Function Statement


To take technical, financial, and education resources, whatever their source, and focus or coordinate them so that they meet the needs of the local land manager with conservation of soil, water, and related natural resources.





The Garrett Soil Conservation District was created in 1943, under provisions of the Maryland Soil Conservation Districts Law, to involve local citizens in conservation planning and erosion and sediment control programs. The District functions independently under a five-member Board of Supervisors. As a political subdivision of state government, the District exercises public powers and receives guidance and assistance from the State Soil Conservation Committee. Although we have the same boundaries as Garrett County, we are not part of county government. Our staff and operating budgets are funded through a combination of federal, state, and local assistance. It is this unique three-way partnership that enables us to carry out our mission.



Board of Supervisors


James "Smokey" Stanton, Chairman

Kristen Enlow, Vice Chair

Cameron Crawford, Treasurer

Katharine Dubansky, Vice Treasurer 

William Buckel, Member

Willie Lantz, Secretary


Office Staff


Roger Kitzmiller, District Manager (MDA)

     Phone:  301-501-5866  Email:  

Chad Bucklew, District Conservationist (USDA-NRCS)

     Phone:  301-501-5861  Email:  

Jarrod Sisler, Soil Conservation Technician (MDA)

     Phone:  301-501-5864  Email:

Charles "Chuck" Hayes, Soil Conservation Associate (MDA)

     Phone:  301-501-5865  Email:  

Cody Myers, Soil Conservation Technician (MDA)

     Phone:  301-501-5867  Email: 

Chris Herbert, Soil Conservation Technician (MDA)

      Phone:  301-501-5868  Email:

Jessica Klotz, Agricultural Resource Conservation Specialist (MDA)

     Phone:301-501-5869 Email:

Vacant, Soil Conservationist (USDA-NRCS)

     Phone:  301-501-xxxx  Email:    

Jacob Metcalf, Soil Conservationist (USDA-NRCS)

     Phone:  301-501-5862

Will Gindlesberger, Soil Conservation Technician (USDA-NRCS)

     Phone:  301-501-5863  Email:   

Carrie Colebank, Administrative Assistant (SCD)

     Phone:  301-501-5860  Email:


 Natural Resource Issues


A. Erosion Control

          1. Develop soil conservation and water quality plans for Garrett County

              agriculture landowners.

          2. Continue to review Garrett County Erosion and Sediment Control plans for

              compliance with approved standards and specifications.

          3. Continue to provide technical assistance to individual landowners and users in

              addressing erosion and runoff problems.

          4. Increase awareness of county and state road officials of the importance and

              need of ditch and road bank stabilization.


B. Water Quality

          1. Provide assistance to landowners by designing waste storage systems, roof and

              barnyard runoff, and heavy use protection areas.

          2. Develop a District stream protection pilot project to improve water quality.

          3. Enroll and assist landowners in establishing fencing and/or riparian buffers.


C. Nutrient Management

          Assist landowners in complying with the Maryland Nutrient Management Law

          by providing soils, farm boundaries, field numbers, acres, account ID numbers,

          and related information.


D. Natural Resource Inventory of Problem Areas and Solutions

          Establish a list of resource problem areas to target for corrective action such as

          stream bank erosion, heavy use protection areas, overgrazed pasture, etc.


E. Conservation Education

          Provide information education activities such as tours, demonstrations, news

          articles, and school programs as requested.


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